New Programs Starting September 2017
In addition to our unique, 5-Session Interactive Hypnosis Program for solving issues related to Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fears, Post Traumatic Stress, Low-Self Esteem, Weight management and Quitting Smoking, we are please to unveil our additional programs to you!
  • Mind Spa Hypnosis
Do you like a spa day? Imagine your body easing into a comfortable chair surrounded by the sound of waterfalls and indigo music. Your eyes closed, imagination opened wide and with the sound of my voice guiding you into a state of nothing but relaxation. How pleasant, a spa treatment that will refresh your mind, body and soul. The Mind Spa Hypnosis is very affordable and makes a wonderful gift
  • Phone/Skype Hypnosis Sessions
Drucker Hypnosis Center has gone international. We can now help you wherever you may live. All you need is a phone or Skype, and a quiet spot to relax. Solve your issues from the comfort of your home with Marc Drucker’s 5 Session, Interactive Hypnosis Program.
  • Client Referral Program
Does your friend’s need help for emotional issues, bad habits or weight loss?
Client Referral Program!
*Refer a friend and get a FREE SESSION
*Your referral gets your friend a DISCOUNT on services.
  • Life Coaching
My past clients are successful and we’ve done a challenging 5-session hypnosis program.  Problem is solved.  What’s next?  Plan your life!  Many past clients enjoy speaking to me and ask to continue hypnosis sessions.  Sometimes a client will come in and I ask, “what do you want to be hypnotized for?”  They say “I don’t know.  I feel good.”  So, I became a Certified Life Coach. I can help you plan your future.  Call to schedule an appointment at a deep discount.
Call (347) 470-8262 for a complementary consultation!