Confidence Self-Esteem


If you were more confident, would your career be better? How about your relationships and your health?
Would you be happier overall if you had Confidence & Self-Esteem? Hypnosis can be used to help you achieve the self-confidence you’ve always wanted.  Improving your confidence self-esteem could open endless possibilities.

“I have been in therapy all of my life since about the age of 6 or maybe before.  I have always felt sad, bad about myself, and victimized by abandonment issues.  I have had four sessions with Marc and my life is a million times better.  I laugh much more and am grateful to Marc for all of his help.  Marc is very supportive, kind, compassionate, caring and understanding.  I have never made such a wise investment in my life.  Marc has helped me respect myself and make me realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me.  I am forever grateful to Marc Drucker.  My loved ones see a big difference in me all thanks to you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  *


Hypnosis can help with self confidence and self esteem issues.


First I use hypnosis to find out if there’s anything stopping you from being more confident. Most people aren’t conscious of why they’re not more confident. Hypnosis enables you to find these blocks, at the deeper levels where they exist. Once you’ve identified them, I can guide you through the steps necessary to overcome them.

After the blocks are gone, hypnosis becomes “mental optometry” – a process to help you see yourself more clearly. If you’re like most people, you tend to magnify your faults and minimize your resources and accomplishments. Together we work to be sure that, at a very deep level, you’re seeing yourself in the correct light – the one that supports you most fully. So you really feel all the reasons you have to be confident.

When the blocks are gone and you deeply feel all the reasons you have to feel good about yourself, confidence flows naturally and easily.