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Hypnosis can overcome your fears.

Intellectually, you know the plane isn’t going to crash. Logically, you know the audience isn’t going to hurt you. Everyone has fears.

But still your heart pounds. Your hands shake and your breath gets short. You know the fear isn’t rational – it doesn’t make sense. But it’s real. Whatever your fear is, it’s probably holding you back. Luckily, you can overcome that fear no matter how silly it seems. No matter how extreme it is. The result? You’ll find yourself calmer and more in control. You won’t have to be fearful any more.

How does Hypnosis work for public speaking, flying and other fears?
The techniques I use give you the tools to overcome the fear. Sometimes the approach involves getting to the root of the fear so you can understand and overcome it. In other situations, I can help you break the stimulus-response pattern that’s been set up so that what used to scare you just doesn’t anymore. All the approaches are safe and effective.

“My fears and anxiety was so bad that I could not eat, sleep, or go anywhere.  My stomach always hurt and I couldn’t stop feeling like something dreadful was going to happen to me if I left my house.  I am now the confident woman I always wanted to be, instead of the scared little girl I was.  It was an amazing life-changing process.  I live my life so much better than I did only a few months ago.  Now I can fly, drive on the highways, bridges and tunnels.  I can even take the subway again.  My past experiences do not affect me anymore.” *